Product description

The U series is a very ruggedized connector range suited for the most demanding deep immersion applications. U connectors inherate features and benefits from the marine bronze M Series but featuring 316L stainless steel shells. With 316L stainless steel shells, U Series connectors provide high corrosion resistance and high biological fouling resistance.

Shell polarization keys and scoop proof design make blind mating possible and increase robustness. The shell to shell sealing with two O-rings in the coupling interface brings reliable watertightness regardless of the pressure (low or high). The connectors are easy to mate and unmate even with high contact density layouts.

The U series is suited to withstand high pressure. The cable termination is achieved through the use of pressure gland or overmolding. Using integrated backshell, U Series connectors provide extreme resistance to pull out or transverse forces and to vibrations and shocks.

Any gripping is prevented thanks to the stanal surface treatment on 316L coupling ring.

Features & Benefits

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High biological fouling resistance
  • 316L stainless steel shells
  • Shell to shell sealing with two O-rings in the coupling interface
  • Integrated backshell

Additional information

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U Series

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