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SOURIAU has launched the SWIM Series (Shallow Water IMmersion), to answer the most demanding needs for immersion down to 300 meters/1000 ft. and solve the common issues met in shallow water applications such as poor sealing and corroded contacts due to low pressure cycles.

Features & Benefits

  • The SWIM Series answers the most demanding need for marine use down to 300 meters/1,000 feet depth.
  • High reliability, durability and watertightness for shallow water applications such as Unmanned Surface Vehicles or buoys.
  • No corrosion, No cathodic delamination thanks to their high performance yet cost effective thermoplastic construction.
  • Their dry mate sealing technology is directly inspired by the JUPITER connectors (SOURIAU brand) and has been proven for 50 years.
  • The shell to shell sealing with two O-rings in the coupling interface brings reliable watertightness even at low pressure.
  • These connectors are easy to mate and unmate even with high contact density layouts thanks to a robust coupling ring.
  • Shell polarization keys and scoop proof design make blind mating possible and increase robustness.

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SWIM Series

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