The Q38HD uses a High-Density physical contact genderless termini that is smaller than the traditional M29504/4 & M29504/5 to support more discrete channels in a given shell size. Q38HD also features a removable Alignment Sleeve Retainer (ASR) that can be installed in either the Plug or Receptacle.
Q38-Connectors have industry standard rear accessory threads, so they are compatible with standard Backshells, cable clamps, and other existing hardware.
QPC can customize inserts to accommodate hybrid (Fiber / Copper) designs and to produce special layouts.

- Q38HD: 4Ch (Shell Size 11) / 20Ch (Shell Size 17) / 28Ch (Shell Size 19) / 48Ch (Shell Size 23).
- Plugs: With Triple Start Threads, Ratcheting Coupling Rings, D38999 Standard Rear Accessory Threads.
- Receptacles: Flange Mount and Jam Nut, D38999 Standard Rear Accessory Threads.

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